Hapori: App redesign

Hapori is a digital solution for the fitness industry – allowing personal trainers to better manage their clients, and for gyms to better track revenue.

After creating a desktop-based, digital application Hapori approached me to look at their mobile experience and overall design. With a big client pitch on the horizon, it was important that I worked closely with the client and incumbent developer to deliver a redesigned solution in time and to brief.

Along with anecdotal feedback from users and stakeholders, I audited their existing app and how elements responded to view-port changes. The current mobile functionality stacked content boxes which made it simple to view, but didn’t make the best use of the space.

From a mobile first perspective, I began exploring how the content of each page interacted with the user. As a result of this analysis, I implemented a number of things, including a simple traffic light system. So, for personal trainers wanting to know their actions for the day they could easily understand that green = nothing to do, red = lots of items need attention and amber = some items need attention. 

Along with X, X, and X, these changes resulted in a functional, accessible, user experience, helping PT’s to keep their business and finances in order and on track.