RDF Industry Group

RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) works with organisations across Europe to communicate a single set of guidelines that help them adhere to waste standards. The client’s objective was to create a brand for the Group, so that all communication to members would be consistent and recognisable.

After researching its members and the waste process I started to develop logos around two concepts: ‘regulation’, and ‘working together’. The final brand logo, consisting of two overlapping squares, is a result of this thinking. It also represents the two key stages in the RDF process, with the final waste material represented by the middle block.

After working with RDF Group to produce their logo and set of brand guidelines, I was commissioned to produce their website. The clients main objective was to have a place to collate all regulation and guidelines that could be easily accessed by members. It was also important that members could find each other easily. 


I created a sitemap, wireframes, and designed the website, incorporating a bespoke map function with filters to help members locate one another easily.

Future print collateral was created to complement the website and the boxed graphic from the logo was used for pull-out features to help align the brand identity.